Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hottest Crossfit Girls - Pics

Let's face it... ANY girl that works out is hot :)  But these are some of the hottest crossfit girls...

Gloves for Pull Ups Crossfit - Exercise Video Demo

Chances are your personal trainer has had you bust out sets of pull ups before.  They're a great upper body exercise and can be a calorie burning power house.  With the popularity of crossfit style workouts, pull ups are becoming more familiar to more people.  Your hands don't have to be all torn up from a pull ups routine however!  So what should you look for in gloves for pull ups crossfit?  Read this workout gloves review and watch the video!

What Is The Glycemic Index All About Anyway?

We all know about counting carbs and watching our fat intake, but monitoring the Glycemic Index of Foods is becoming more important.  Especially if you're looking to get lean and #buildmuscle.  Low GI Foods like whole wheat bread take longer for the body to breakdown, whereas high GI foods like white bread are digested quickly.  The higher the Glycemic Index, the greater the chances of having your blood sugar spike. So what is the Glycemic Index?

Wheelchair Gloves and Repetitive Strain Injury

Wheelchair gloves are used by wheelchair users in an effort to combat Repetitive Strain Injury or (RSI) which is a common injury.  It's caused by repetitive movements or tasks.  The rotator cuff of the shoulder is one of the most common.  Certain professions are more prone to these injuries.  Carpenters and painters see it all the time.  Athletes like baseball players and tennis pros have battled it as well. While many wheelchair users who find a need for gloves use typical weightlifting gloves or workout gloves, they should experiment with less restrictive options to use as wheelchair gloves like GymPaws Leather Lifting Grips.  Read more...