Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spartan Grip Review - Gym Gloves Reviews

Care you a diehard Crossfit fan?  If so then you've probably already tried just about every gym glove and weight lifting glove out there... most of which claim to be "designed" for crossfit athletes.  When the next workout trend hits, they'll probably claim to be designed for that too!   Here's my Spartan Grip Review for the latest guard against calluses!

Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Crossfit

Hand taping, chalk, lifting grips, gloves, straps... the list goes on and on and on.  Gym Gloves are not just an accessory anymore, they're a high performance piece of fitness equipment.  When it comes to the Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Crossfit you have to weigh your options and decide for yourself!

Parallel Bar Dips for Triceps

Trying to get that sexy horseshoe tricep?  You have to add the Parallel Bar Dips for Triceps to your workout!  Here are the Muscles worked with Parallel Bar dips and the proper form to do them...

1st Phorm Level 1 - 1st Phorm Reviews

Protein protein protein!  We get it!  Whether you want to build muscle or lose weight, protein needs to be a component of your diet.  But what about the protein powders and weight lifting supplements?  Are they all the same and are you getting what you pay for?  Here's another of my 1stPhorm Reviews and this one is on Level 1 Protein Powder.

1st Phorm Reviews - 1st Phorm Ignition

When it comes to post workout supplements there are a ton to choose from.  But do you really need them in the first place.  Here's one of my 1st Phorm Reviews on 1st Phorm Ignition.  Hint... 90% of you aren't working out hard enough to need ANY of these!

Leather Weight Lifting Gloves

Should you use Leather Weight Lifting Gloves for your workouts?  Are the gloves you're currently using even real leather?  Whether it's a Battling Ropes workout or Knees to Elbows... we all know leather is better!

Most Common Chest Training Mistakes

Focusing too much on the amount of weight you're moving versus proper form is one of the most common chest training mistakes you can make in the gym.  Here are another couple of Chest Training Mistakes to avoid if your goal is to build a bigger chest.  Read more...