Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What Are The Best Mens Weightlifting Gloves?

Not all Weightlifting Gloves are created the same!  These are the top 3 tips for finding the best men's weightlifting gloves :

1. Material.

Look for a mens workout glove that is made of Leather.  It may sound like a no brainer, but there's lots of lifting grips and pads on the market made only from Neoprene fabric or foam.  Your gym shoes are leather for a reason!  It's the most durable product for fitness accessories.

2. Uses

This sounds stupid cuz a workout glove is a workout glove right?  That's where you're wrong.  For example if you're a serious weightlifter you may like a full glove with a wrist strap, but try doing some Kipping Pull Ups at a Crossfit class with those on!  Read the reviews and see what other people are using them for.

3. Return Policy

What most people don't know is that on most online shopping sites like Amazon, a weightlifting glove is considered apparel that cannot be returned.  Because it comes in contact with your skin most online retatilers don't accept returns.  GymPaws however does.  We want you to be happy with your GymPaws!